Sunday, December 3, 2006

Herbs and The Indian Method of Curing

For Fever and Ague.

Take one pound of the bark of yellow birch, half pound sweet flag, half pound of tag alder bark, two ounces thorough worth, two ounces tansy, dry put to these four quarts of water, and boil slow, stir and boil the liquor down one half, then let it cool and add two quarts of sweet wine and bottle for use; dose one tablespoonful every two hours till the shake comes on, then no more that day, pursue this daily and you will be satisfied of its efficacy.

For Internal Ulcers.

Take two pound of blue flag, one of spignut, two ounces blood root, two ounces of coltsfoot, two ounces of Solomon's seal, two ounces of burdock seed, and one handful of peach kernels, boil these in four quarts of water three hours, then strain and add one pound loaf sugar, and one pint Holland gin, take one tablespoonful three times each day, before eating; this is infallible.

For Diarrhea or Flux.

First, take cordial, two scruples rhubarb, two of cinnamon, one of saleratus, one gill of boiling water, sweetened with loaf sugar, and one tablespoonful of best brandy. Second, syrup one part bayberry bark, one part cherry tree bark, one part white poplar bark, half part pond lilly, half part blackberry root, boil them and sweeten with loaf sugar, and a very little brandy. Third, injections, one pint mucilage of elm, one pint mucilage marsh mallows, one gill molasses, one pint sweet milk, half teaspoonful saleratus, and one fourth ounce of lady slipper. Fourth, wash the whole surface with saleratus and water, night and morning. Fifth, rubefacient to the bowels, one tablespoonful of spirits turpentine, and four of water, and flour of brandy applied warm once in four hours, and a warm flannel bandage applied round the body. Directions, give one tablespoonful of the syrup every hour, and a teaspoonful of the cordial at the same time, until the evacuations are healthy, then continue the syrup alone, give an injection once in four hours, after applying the rubefacient to the bowels; for drink use mucilage of elm, or marsh mallows, and virginia snake root, or ginger. This is infallible.

For Measles, Canker Rash or Chicken Pox.

Take equal parts of queen of the meadow, white snake root, coltsfoot snake root, marigold and saffron, steep them together and drink plentifully through the progress of the disease; a vomit of equal parts of thoroughwort and lobelia, is necessary once in about three days, keep the body from exposures of cold or wet, and let the food be light and easy of digestion.

For Small Pox.

Take half a pound of saffron, half a pound of spignut root, one pound sarsaparilla, one fourth of a pound of the seeds of young cedar, or one ounce of the oil of cedar, one fourth pound of sage and make into one mass, then steep strong as much as you think you can consume in one day in decoction, it is best make every day fresh as liquor of any kind is injurious and it will not keep longer in warm weather without spirits. This may be taken in any quantity and at any stage of the disease, and has never been known to fail when the patient is kept clean and warm. If the patient should by accident or imprudence take cold it is necessary to take 10 or 15 large onions, roast them, press the juice and let the patient drink the whole at once and apply the pressed pomice to the feet and he will soon be in profuse sweat. This is infallible.

For Coughs.

Take one ounce of meadow cabbage, one ounce of lobelia, half ounce of Indian turnip, one fourth ounce of blood root, handful of the whole of purified honey, pulverize the ingredients and mix them up, and let the patient take what the stomach will bear, till well.

For Whooping Cough.

Take equal parts of elecampane, skunks cabbage, horehound, and spignut, and boil till you extract the strength, then strain and boil down again to the consistence of tar, then add twice its weight of pure honey, and put it in a warm oven till well baked, let the patient take half teaspoonful often through the day. This is sure.

For the Croup.

This is very fatal among children. The best remedy for it is, equal parts blood root, lobelia, garlic, skunks cabbage, elecampane, sage, and thorough wort, or Seneca snake root, or if the whole cannot be had, lobelia tincture, will do alone, or lobelia, and Mullen roots, in decoction, give as much as possible, as the stomach will immediately eject any of these articles in this disease.

For Jaundice.

Take equal parts of white snake root, burdock, narrow dock, dandelion and cowslip blows, steep them together and drink as much as you can till well. This is a sure cure.

I hope you enjoy reading these old medical techniques. Someday who knows we just may have to use them ourselves. Thank You for all the help you have given me. If you would like to know more about the herbs just let me know.

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